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Your Business In Your Hands!
February 28, 2017 12:11:57
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What is Adultbux?

Adultbux is an advertising hub where people like you become members, for free, to earn money clicking ads and where advertisers display adverts to promote their ideas / products. Our ideal is that 'Everyone Wins' and that's what happens. Using very simple and practical methods you can earn or advertise on our site.

Most importantly: We are the outcome of several studies on advertising in the global internet market. And with our innovations and ideas, we have come to take our rightful place as leader of the pack.

We use English as the main language for our service, due to its marketing impact worldwide. In the near future we will meet another goal of ours: To bring Adultbux to many other world wide languages.

The current currency on our service is: USD ( Dollars ) from United States of America.

Feel safe, we are here to stay and grow with you.

How much can I make from my Referrals?

The amount of money each user earns varies between the user's membership, the type and quantity of advertisements the user has viewed, the number of referrals the user has and the number of advertisements those referrals view.

The amount you receive from each referrals click can vary. Here are the differences between different types of membership.

Standard Business Enterprise Corporate Ultimate
Paid To Click click rates: show show show show show
Referral commissions: show show show show show
Direct referrals limit: 50 500 1500 3000 4000
Rented referrals limit: 250 1000 2000 3000 5000
Rented referrals AutoPay days: 20 18 16 14 10
Rented referrals AutoRecycle days: 14 13 12 11 10
Direct referrals list: Referral stats: No No Yes Yes Yes
Direct referrals list: Referral remove: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rented referrals list: Referral stats: No No Yes Yes Yes
Rented referrals list: Referral recycle: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Referrals rent: Hours: No No No No No
Referrals rent: Hours: Re-select 0 0 0 0 0
Referrals rent: Interval: 7 6 5 4 3
Messages: Storage: 50 100 200 300 500
Messages: Limits (Day/Week/Month): 10,70,280 10,70,280 10,70,280 10,70,280 10,70,280
Days between cashouts: 14 13 12 10 7
Rented referrals: Prices: show show show show show

How do I get paid?

You can be paid through different payment processors, under different conditions. Please read the table below to get more information.

Deposit/Type: Deposit min/max: Cashout/Type: Cashout min/max: Cashout fee/max:
PayPal: Enabled Instant $5.00 USD $500.00 USD Enabled Manual $5.00,5.00,10.00,20.00,40.00 USD Unlimited 10% $10.00 USD

What is a referral?

Referrals are users like you who have joined Adultbux, however they also earn money for you when they view advertisements, while earning money for themselves. Referrals come in two different forms:
  • Direct Referrals: Are users who have registered on the site putting you as their referrer.
  • Rented Referrals: Are users that, for a fee, will click under you for a specific period of time.

If you are not sure when you can rent a new pack of referrals, the table below shows exactly days for each upgrade, when user is able to rent referrals.

Sunday: Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday:
This table includes a list of hours. It shows when referrals are available to rent for each upgrade at server time.

00: 01: 02: 03: 04: 05: 06: 07: 08: 09: 10: 11: 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: 17: 18: 19: 20: 21: 22: 23:
The third table includes packs of referrals available for each upgrade.

1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 20: 30: 40: 50: 60: 70: 80: 90:
100: 200: 300: 400: 500: 600: 700: 800: 900: 1000: 2000: 3000: 4000: 5000: 6000: 7000: 8000: 9000:

I want to advertise my site

As an advertiser you will get what you pay for. We are different because we care about our advertisers. This is what we offer you:

Advertisement Management:
  • You only need to submit your advertisements once.
  • You can pause, resume or delete them.
  • You may set a demographic filter or display to all members.
  • You can purchase clicks and distribute them between your advertisements.
  • You can access detailed statistics during and after your advertisement display.
Click Packs Management:
  • You purchase the amount of clicks you need.
  • You decide how many clicks go to each advertisement.
Demographic Exposure:
  • Choose to show your advertisement to the world or just a few countries.
  • Toggle the filter on and off and select different countries for each advertisement.
Anti-Fraud Protection:
  • Your advertisements will be shielded by the safest and strongest anti-cheat protection available today.
  • Clicks from hackers will never be accounted (but we may tell them they are).

Who can join?

Anyone who passed age 18 can join as the member of Adultbux and therefore is open to US and International members; however, it is void where prohibited by local governing laws.

Why havent I received bonus from my referral?

If you purchase a direct referral who was already an upgraded member, you will not receive bonus from that referral until his/her next purchase of membership. In other words, your direct referral needs to upgrade from standard to another membership or purchase extension after being assigned to you.

Can anyone else join from my home?

Any attempt to create multiple accounts by the same IP within the same internet connection are not allowed. If any member of your family or house would like to join our system, they are welcomed to do so, however please keep in mind that only one account can view advertisements within 24 hours, others in the same IP/ Connection / House will have to wait another 24 hours to view ads.

Can anyone click instead of me?

Sure, we understand people can sometimes be a little busy and in that case, feel free to ask your friends or family to do you a favor and view your advertisements. As long as you are in no violation of our terms of service, you will be just fine. Nevertheless, please note that any attempt to use bots, auto-click software will be detected and will lead to account termination immediately.

Can I change my user name?

No, unfortunately. Once you set up your account with a user name, there is no option to change it. So, if you have not signed up yet, you might want to think on your user name. And keep in mind that we will never let anyone to choose insulting user names.

Can I change my sponsor/upline?

You cannot change your upline under any circumstances. If your upline gets suspended, his/her account will remain in the records in which you are registered.

Can I access my account with a proxy?

No, it is a violation of the Adultbux TOS to access your account with a Proxy, Vpn or any anonymizing service. If we detect you using a proxy, you can be banned and afterwards you will also not be able to view any tasks, offers or surveys. Please be sure to disable or completely remove the proxy before you attempt to login to your account. Shared networks such as schools, library, and internet cafes are not allowed. Keep in mind that there could be only one user per computer in the same internet connection.

How often do I need to login to prevent account termination?

After activation of your account you should log in at least one time in every 10 days to prevent temporary account suspension. If you stay inactive for over 10 days straight, your account will be reset.

Is my information safe on Adultbux?

Your personal information including your email address is never given, sold or exposed under any circumstances.

Why is my account suspended?

Members' accounts are generally temporarily suspended due to being inactive for over 10 days. In case of temporary suspension, member can easily reactivate the account via log in page. In other cases, members are suspended due to violation of Adultbux TOS. For more information please take a look at the Adultbux TOS.

I haven't received my payment, why?

Please make sure you are meeting these requirements in order to receive your payment successfully.

- You need to have a positive balance after Paypal merchant fees (%10).
- Make sure your Paypal email address is correct. To check , Go to Profile > Accounts > Setup your accounts.
- You need to have a verified Paypal account and your country must be eligible for receiving payments by Paypal regulations.

Note: All payments are made instantly, if for any other reason , you don't receive your payment within 4 hours , please open a support ticket.

How can I increase the AVG of my rental referrals?

There are 3 main ways to improve your AVG:

1) Make sure to click at least 4 ads everyday for optimum referral click results.
2) Extend your active referrals and let the inactive ones expire.
3) The quality of referrals you rent differs depending on the membership.

Why are my Rental Referrals inactive today?

Adultbux has a strict no bots policy. It is against our idea of honest and stable service. All of our rental referrals are %100 unique and real members who have genuine interest during registration. Therefore, we can't change the AVG results of them nor we can force them to view advertisements everyday.

If you have a low average on some days, it is just because the avg of RR clicks might change from time to time depending on the activities of referrals (members). Unfortunately there is no way for us to tell how they behave in the future regardless of the filter we use. They might just not click certain amount of advertisements when they are busy or they might click all the ads on the following day.

Studying your rental referrals and managing them based on the stats they produce is found to be one of the useful ways to stabilize earnings.

What is the Autopay?

AutoPay is one way to extend your referrals automatically. If you have AutoPay enabled, on the first click a referral makes per day, you'll pay to keep that referral for an extra day. If the referral does not click, you won't pay him for another day. In other words, you'll pay one day in advance to your referral's due date.

AutoPay is also %15 cheaper compared to regular price.

The value for each referral/day will be deducted from your rent balance. If your rent balance has insufficient funds, it won't be triggered and will only work again when the rent balance has enough funds.

Can I have a refund?

Feel free to contact Adultbux Team by opening a support ticket. Please note that openning an unlawful chargeback dispute via Paypal leads to permanent account suspension. Legal claims will be filed against the members who misuse the chargeback/unauthorized claim disputes.

Why did I lose my Direct Referral?

If any of your Direct referral was removed from your account , the reason of loss could occur due to one or more than one reasons listed below.

- Referral's account information was filled out with false/fake data.
- Referral's paypal account was not verified when made payment.
- Referral was using Autoclick software
- Referral's payment was not cleared by Paypal Fraud Department
- Referral was found to be offered incentive earnings (Cashback) by the Upline.
- Referral was suspended due to inactivity.

Why can't I see the Ads?

Please make sure the Adblocker is disabled on your browser.

Why do you have a minimum payout limit?

1. Minimum payouts are determined in order to stabilize payment system
2. Minimum payout starts from as low as $5 and it only increases when a member does withdrawal after several times.
3. Reaching the higher minimum payout requires members to be more active in AdultBux and as you know having more active members tend to result in higher Rental Referral AVG.